"Hashem should help. We should go to Shavuos and start learning, every day a little bit of Chumesh, a little bit of Mishnayos. Even if you don’t understand anything, say the words! Say the words!"
With these holy words from the Rosh Yeshiva, spoken from the depth of his heart, the music video begins its journey.
The newly released music video named “Yes I Can” is a major breakthrough in Hafotzeh, as it is the first professional music video specifically catered to the thousands of English-speaking Talmidim who want to drink from the pure spring of the spirit of Breslev, in the way taught by Mohorosh ZY"U. The Talmidim from “The English Speaking Chaburah” rewrote the lyrics based on those written by the Rosh Yeshiva in Yiddish. The music was professionally composed by the famous Yanky Samet, with musical arrangements by Menachem Berenshtein. It was beautifully sung by Shmuli Kahan, who devoted himself to this project as it matches his passion for Hafotzeh in general. The recording took place at Yanky Cohen Studios, all done by the English Speaking Chaburah in Jerusalem.
The video features newly found footage of Mohorosh ZY"U learning with Talmidim, which will definitely touch your hearts and souls.
The lyrics are as follows:
What should I do if I cannot learn,
I get ashamed when it comes to my turn,
All of my friends know it so well,
But with me, you cannot tell.
A thousand times already I’ve tried,
But it's just not going inside,
A Talmuch Chochom I will never be,
Ohy, Hashem, please help me.
But the truth is that “Yes I Can”,
So says the Rebbe in Sichas Haran,
Saying the words is a very big thing,
Even if you don't understand anything.
The Rebbe says you don’t have to keep on trying,
Take a Mishnayos and just start saying,
Start to say the words like a small kid,
The words of Torah cleanses you from sin.
Say a Perek and another Perek,
This will bring you to Hashem and come back,
Beg Hashem that you want to understand,
Because only Torah makes a person stand.
Ribono Shel Olam have Rachmonons,
Take me out of my personal Golus,
Take a Mishnayos and start to learn,
An Erlicher Yid you will become.
Yes I Can